8/8/2023 – SILVER TO GOLD
While Zonta Club of Porterville was honored to accept 7 new members, Zonta cherishes its longtime
members. Silver to Gold recognizes the value of relationships that have had a chance to develop over a
long time. In this way, it helps to foster an ever-expanding yet stable network of friendships and
commitment to the Zonta goal of individuals working together to build a better world for women and

With a combined total of 280 years of Zonta commitment, these 9 ”Golden Girls” include Denise
Marchant (45 years), Gail Nuckols (34 years), Esther Figueroa and Renay Sprague (each with 32 years), Giovanna DePaoli (29 years), Ela Pandya (29 years), Sue Hartman (28 years), Mickie Manning (26 years), and Sharon Pearson (25 years).

Spanning the decades of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, these women have advanced toward equal, human rights and continue to fight against child marriage, human trafficking, and adoption of an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution by all 50 states joining the 38 states who have approved legislation beginning in 1923. Aptly, Zonta President Sharon Pearson adopted as her theme, “The Jewels of Zonta.” To reflect the ideals of Zonta, all members are charged with being the “Gold” that holds the entirety together.

The “GOLDEN GIRLS” celebrating a combined 280 years of community service are Giovanna DePaoli, Denise Marchant, Sue Hartman, Renay Sprague, Ela Pandya and Sharon Pearson. Missing are Mickie Manning, Esther Figueroa and Gail Nuckols.